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2020 Spring guidelines


Youth Association of North East Pensacola

Sportsmanship  *  Teamwork  *  Integrity  *  Commitment




1.  Coaches you are to ensure your parents and players follow these guidelines.

2.  If a player, coach, or parent is not feeling well please stay home.

3.  Parents watching the game must stay 6ft from nearest other person(s).

4.  Players and coaches please wash hands prior to coming to the ballpark.

5.  For practices please split your team equally into two dugouts to allow 6ft separation. 

6.  Any sharing of helmets, bats, or gloves will not be allowed.

7.  Sunflower seeds will not be allowed at the ballpark.

8.  The park will have a duty person assigned nightly to enforce these guidelines.

9.  Coaches are recommended to supply wipes or hand sanitizer.  (If able)

10.  There will be no pregame coaches’ conference with the umpire.

11.  Games will have 1 umpire per field and stand behind the pitch area to call the game.

12.  No scoreboards will be used due to sanitary reasons. 

13.  Coaches will not be allowed pregame or post game meetings in a closed group area.

14.  No end of game handshakes and/or prayers with other team.

15.  After games/practices please leave the ballpark promptly, please don’t socialize.


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